• gonna make another farewell gifset after the finale •
1k * *gif free! nagisa hazuki rin matsuoka rei ryugazaki *free freedit well I was hoping that either haru or makoto was gonna cry in this ep to make this gifset more complete but that didn't happen and I don't feel like waiting another week to post this so
Crap, Jack’s figured us out.
spoilers martin freeman Fargo Medit over1k martin gifset dex5m lester nygaard fargo spoilers there's always a u after a q it's the law put shits in the queue and i'm gonna start the day stay away from tumblr since i haven't watched this week's spn and shield and poi
animals opossums i know im gonna regret making another opossum gifset but look at the lil yawning ones
My art supernatural NSFW DEANCAS commissions riseofthefallenone this is what happened right after the finale right?
MY EDIT hugh dancy will graham nbc hannibal hannibaledit it didn't happen for a long time after fever stripped him off thick armour and fortes he rebuilt them stronger and more immpenetrable than ever and in season 2 we barely see him showing this side of him but when he allows   himself to be exposed the depth of his vulnerability loneliness and longing is astounding don't talk to me about will mistreating women in his life because women are the only one he trusts enough he lets in enought for them  to see terrifying amount of neediness and fear in him this is huge tesitmony of faith and trust in another human being and ultimate proof of respect and acknowledgement can we talk about how no one saw him genuinely smiling happy and utterly carefree apart from his dogs by default family? which means he's still hiding deeply with most human reactions trusting no one enough to share this innocent defenceless and truest side of him? there's so very few moments we see him like this he keeps it all hidden and wrapped up in sarcasm detachment and whimpering in fear aggression and when molly comes along and when he finally allows himself to be human with another human being i don't think i'm gonna survive this supernova of perched for warmth and closeness heart bye okay gonna go and nap now cos i'm so goddamn sick i might fall asleep during finale loool
miley cyrus the climb
1k mine lara pulver lp* m: gifs larapulveredit i'm gonna make a lp gifset later
gif * .... Sense8 sense8edit netflixsense8 i was gonna make a riley gifset but
Cece attended high school in Rosewood, she was the fucking prom queen for god’s sake!Cece knew Alison was alive all along, she was one of her helpers and she even was red coat with her!Cece dated her brother? Sara, a VERY irrelevant character, is both RED COAT&BLACK WIDOWWilden would have not be...
Harry Styles One Direction hat * mygif harry flower child 1d3d tmht this is about the flower in his hat i was gonna make a full harry gifset and/or the campfire scene but i lost the will to screencap the flower is so important
*gif les mis les miserables Eddie Redmayne aaron tveit hmmm barricade boys does this gifset even make sense i think i'm gonna remake this when the movie leaks also i think that might be eponine in the last gif but i can't be sure
1k * ** i'm i just ouat Captain Swan cs graphic ouatedit they are so beautiful panemfell but i'm so happy otp: i swear on emma swan i'm still dead after this episode and i'm sorry for the crappy gifset but I HAVE NO TIME NO TIME NO TIME THIS FINALE WAS SO FUCKING PERFECT AND WHEN HOOK SAID THAT LINE
vampire weekend mygifs* ezra koenig giving up the gun imma make another gifset from this video i just wanted to gif my pretty psychotic angel
my gifs graphics my posts video games gifset Persona personaedit Persona 5 persona gifs video games gifs persona 5 protagonist this is the face of someone who's not going to talk whatever you do and who's going to make you regret catching him now i'm gonna go or else i'm gonna miss my traaaaiin
1k ** henry cavill g* toccoans the man from uncle howlingsoldier napollya mfu* please im gonna make a gifset soon but i had 2 gif this scene bye whenever illya called him cowboy i leveled up honestly
colors iron man tony stark The Avengers Iron Man 3 avengersedit marveledit shieldnetwork wintersoldiernw im gonna make a normal gifset next haha just wait //its coming//
mine gifset teen titans raven beast boy bbrae i figured i'd make it because my otp is supposedly bbrae but i've only ever made one bbrae related thing i don't even know if they're still my otp but i'm just gonna go with it i really wanna do something robrae or cystar next maybe after this make me choose thing is done
1k game of thrones :)) Arya Stark sandor clegane the hound by angelic37 gotedit gotaryastark gotsandorclegane sandor x arya okay so this is finally done and still giving me feels but I have another gifset to make too