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gif homestuck trolls NSFW Karkat sollux karkat vantas sollux captor im really sorry solkat hs fricking i cried a little capcasey got my 800th follower and got some really sweet mail cried twice
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raise your hand if you've got the sweetest followers and you appreciate each and every one
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YOUR HEALTH IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN OUR THREAD If you are not feeling up to RP, please don’t feel bad about putting it on hold. I’d rather you get better and enjoy roleplaying, than feel like you HAVE to give me a response. I love you all. Please take care of yourselves.
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Reasons Why People Unfollow Me
1. They’re afraid that they might fall in love with me (it’s okay, i’d be scared too). 2. My blog is so perfect they can’t even deal. 3. Their dash is overloaded with all of the sexiness I reblog. 4. You hate me ‘cause you ain’t me. 5.¬†Worst case senario: they dea...
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whilst everyone’s getting pumped for season 5, I think we need to remember a couple of things don’t forget lady stoneheart. don’t forget that the show runners actively decided to cut one of the most powerful character arcs of the book and force her, instead, into the nagging mother...
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im replaying soul silver for the 800th time