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threats westeros is facing as of adwd snow zombie apocalypse one woman fire zombie vengeance quest that will engulf the world feat. dead lannisters, freys and boltons motherfucking dragons greyscale plague GIANTS AND MAMMOTHS WEIRWOOD TREE CONSPIRECY FEAT. BRAN STARK SUPERWARG i don’t even fuc...
“is there an idiot in any village who trusts littlefinger?”
joff’s face is like what is she what kindneSS?/ WHat IS THis
spoilers game of thrones asoiaf i guess????? fy got spoilers
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stark count as of adwd headless headless fire zombie tree cannibal assassin trainee being groomed by a pedophile ceasar’d
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*jon snow travels to outer space*  aliens: ah, you must be ned stark’s bastard
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  • margaery:tell me about your bow, king.
  • joffrey:-double takes- you? -breathes heavily- you want to hear about my -starts sweating- my BOW?? -leans on chair for support- well, let me TELL YOU ALL ABOUT IT -dry heaves-
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if it turns out souffle girl is a dalek i will burn utica to the ground
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