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When Tisdale asked Steinem what she would tell black women who said the feminist movement isn’t about them or doesn’t speak to them, Steinem replied, “I don&rsq...
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  • Guy:you look like a lesbian.
  • Me:what?
  • Guy:you look like a lesbian, your hair is too short.
  • Me:so?
  • Guy:So guys don't like it.
  • Me:and I should care because...?
  • Guy:you're not gonna get laid with that hair.
  • Me:well, thankfully I like women even more than you so trust me, I am gonna get laid.
  • ...
they hiring?
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Nice to know the cops gave a white guy who showed up their police department with bombs and assault ...
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* emilia clarke got cast you're stupidly beautiful i don't understand your face?!
game of thrones 10k edit1 edit: game of thrones long post gotgifset gotedit got ladies this ain't even all of them it still upsets me that they axed arianne from the show imma still watch tho
my posts q Natasha Romanoff black widow marveledit guns cw captainamericaedit blackwidowedit women who can by definition Be Anything women capable of vast destruction; women with cold hearts and gameface and blood-and-bone understanding of rootlessness (both the horrors and advantages of it) and a deep weird vein of kindness that's got nothing to do with ~goodness WRAUGH staggering personal narrative gifts and i love this bit of inner monologue so much i had to make something
MY EDIT game of thrones original post my got gotedit asoiafedit got women thronesfans tbh i just wanted a reason to put a heart in catelyn's name and because i am petty and selfish i put sansa next to margaery
feminist feminism Muslim women i feel so much respect for these women
bisexuality biphobia biromantic Bi Men bi women bi myths bi stereotypes bi mythbusting It's totally cool for bi people to later change their label but while they label as bi that's what they are (that's my awesome bi colors plaid shirt I got at a thrift store)
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