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mygif game of thrones got Sansa Stark GameOfThrones gotgif gotedit
Jess g kit harington rose leslie gotedit gotcastedit
Jaime Lannister nikolaj coster waldau gotedit ;mine gotjaimelannister ;Visage queenxcersei [tagging caitlin because she urged me to gif it] ;my gifs [rehearsals are the best thing tbh] ;visuals ;the lions roar
mygif game of thrones got daenerys targaryen GameOfThrones got spoilers gotedit
mygifs game of thrones 10k ily got Joffrey Baratheon margaery tyrell got spoilers gotgifs gotedit purple wedding oh margaery
MY EDIT myedit game of thrones got jon snow kit harington House Stark Stark milo Jon Pompeii gotedit got edit morsmorclre
*** game of thrones Joffrey Baratheon Sansa Stark margaery tyrell gotedit gotjoffreybaratheon
my edits my gifs mine game of thrones got who run the world this took forever omg gotedit but i'm so proud of it :')
mygif dragons yeeee plus gif:avatar gotedit Disneyedit httydedit gif:mulan gif:httyd2 i have no fucking idea how 2 tag this gif:maleficent gif:tdos
1k mine fashion Celebs 5k 10k gifset 500 100 250 maisie williams 25k gotedit 2.5k gotcastedit mwilliamsedit lccfa 2016 i made this super quick so i know it's terrible first time making a gifset in ps with text
game of thrones 10k edit1 emilia clarke got cast got spoilers edit: emilia clarke gotedit gotcastedit emclarkeedit daenerys wins ilu
edit game of thrones lena headey Cersei Lannister i died gotedit gotcerseilannister ssansastark
game of thrones pls Cersei Lannister Jaime Lannister Tywin Lannister gotedit
gif game of thrones amanda Cersei Lannister got spoilers gotedit gotcerseilannister all seasons
mygif game of thrones Tyrion Lannister gotedit gottyrionlannister
1k mine catelyn stark got* gotedit alex makes gifs itr tyrell she don't speak but she remembers her children bein little shitheads
mine tweets got asoiaf Joffrey Baratheon Stephen King jack gleeson gotedit
mine game of thrones got Tyrion Lannister cell block tango gotedit got edit ahahahaha I loved this scene but this came to my mind
MY EDIT game of thrones House Stark gotedit (eugh why gifing everything from winterfell hall is such a colouring nightmare:-() hush this scene can never be killed and anyway i had to because every time i watch it i'm so distracted with starks' happiness that somehow i never noticed that theon is sitting with robb booming with goddamn laughter like a dork he is and yep that's why i added this dumb caption because SUDDENLY I MAY VOMIT he's sitting there like a memeber of a family and snorting to robb and robb nudges him all: sansa's face man! and they are roaring and cat's all i will smack their asses one is worse than the other and theon feels like a scolded son and he doesn't remember last time feeling like this (maybe in a dream) and maybe jeyne's stealing glances at him across the table and maybe he's stealing a dance or two thinking how he wouldn't mind to smooch her properly but he doesn't want to risk crossing poole and lord and lady stark (well he doesn't mind lady stark's anger really she's like fire and so beautiful *cough*) but a dance is nice too and she's blushing such an innocent little wench and he sits there eats their food and it doesn't feel like he's a ward at all and he can't know how soon he will sit there among ashes and stink of animals dirt and death shivering in fear talking to himself a greyhaired old man on a leash of a monster and jeyne will look at him like a wild animal trying to guess if he's a predator or an ally EUGH JESUS
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