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Just a quick note in case y’all aren’t aware: I’m seeing a lot of these “(location) Gothic” posts going around, and they’re cool and I’m totally into this, but please be aware that Southern Gothic is not about weirdness for the sake of weirdness. Southern Gothic uses the grotesque and surreal elemen...
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There is a big new announcement. There is a huge new announcement. There is a terrifyingly large new announcement. Marvel has posted a new teaser video. It appears to be 1:36 of static and incoherent screaming. It already has over a thousand comments. Sebastian Stan has extended his contract. It e...
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You hear the words “bay area.” You think of the Chesapeake. You hear the words “bay bridge.” You think of the Chesapeake. You whisper, “The Bay.” The Chesapeake thinks of you.You go to the city. What is a city? Ten miles later, you see horses grazing. Was the city ever even there?You open the spice ...
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you see a drawing on your dash. it’s a conventionally attractive blond man doing sexual things with a conventionally attractive brown-haired man. you have no idea what pairing it is. it is every pairing. it is no pairing at all.
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You are in a fandom. You have never read, watched, or played the source material, but you have joined anyway.The sidebar is disappearing. The top bar is disappearing. The word ”tumblr” is disappearing entirely. The void grows. When you are vaguely disturbed by text, you feel the urge to add, “And no...