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1k me ** Sansa Stark got* gotedit gotsansastark
mine 500 notes 1000 notes 2000 notes gotedit 3000 notes gotsansastark gotjojenreed gotjonsnow gotaryastark gotjaimelannister gotbrienne gotbranstark gottheongreyjoy 4000 notes quote crossover series also just making it clear that i don't think jon should be king and am just talking about his leadership in the night's watch i'm very pleasantly surprised that this has been received so well so thank you to everyone for reblogging and lovely tags!
1k my edits my stuff game of thrones 3k Winter is Coming fangirl challenge this is so ugly i'm sorry gotmine gotsansastark gotjonsnow gotaryastark
my gifs mine queue game of thrones Jaime Lannister Sansa Stark Tyrion Lannister Brienne of Tarth got season 3 gotsansastark gotjaimelannister gotbrienneoftarth gottyrionlannister
queue game of thrones Sansa Stark sophie turner gotedit gotsansastark i've wanted to make this for ages breaks my heart :( and it's interesting contrasting sansa's composure with the way cersei WRINGS her hands much more aggressively
MY EDIT game of thrones A Song of Ice and Fire asoiaf House Stark Sansa Stark gotedit gotsansastark man this was a lot of work!
game of thrones mine* Sansa Stark gotedit 0/10 would not recommend gotsansastark 800* have you ever tried talking to people outside of tumblr about sansa minegot* betterthanyou.jpg
gif * spoilers game of thrones jon snow Sansa Stark got* gotsansastark gotjonsnow
1k ** Sansa Stark got* every time sansa stark smiles an angel gets it's wings [lets play a game called guess which gifs took an hour to re-color] gotsansastark
Sansa Stark sophie turner princess of winterfell:mine fuckyeah1k gotedit mineGRRM sansasnark for hannah gotsansastark stark snark the queen of all sansa
my gif gotedit g:got gotsansastark gotaryastark arya x sansa sansa meme sansa x arya
** gifs* Sansa Stark shae gotedit gotsansastark sansa x shae god damn i shouldn't like she the way i do but she is way better in this show than she is in the books
my edits mine queue game of thrones Sansa Stark mine: got gotedit got season 3 gotsansastark favgotpics
1k mine Sansa Stark sophie turner mine:got gotedit gotsansastark this bitch wouldn't upload yesterday
1k my gifs my stuff game of thrones Sansa Stark gotedit gotmine gotsansastark sansameme
game of thrones shocking mine** Sansa Stark gotedit silentones gotsansastark kathpierces ssansastark yo i think this song fits her really well and wow look at the 3 people i'm tagging coldplay lyrics for the win
1k mine game of thrones got sophie turner natalie dormer gotedit gotsansastark gotmargaerytyrell gotdaenerystargaryen as usual i have no excuse
1k *** game of thrones got Sansa Stark Tyrion Lannister geeze gotedit gotsansastark idk why we still have to defend this girl out of all the characters on the show... she's arguably been through the most shit dude screw what anyone else says sansa's character has grown over the seasons yea i can see u didn't like her in season one but after ned's death.. there's no way you can say you hate her she was and is a kid my love for this character didn't plan on doing this talking to myself in my notes lol! let me stop
mine edit game of thrones asoiaf Sansa Stark sophie turner gotedit gotsansastark
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