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Instead of having a government shutdown maybe we should just start paying the politicians minimum wage. They say you can live on it, right?
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Australia is such a nice country if you overlook our corrupt government and how racist australians are and the hot weather and the dangerous animals and the huge insects that live there
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Government Secret #88
The technology for the doors from Monster’s Inc. is real and has been used to spy on Vladimir Putin
Government Secret #101
Zoey 101 was a reality tv show
Government Secret #47
We created meninism to figure out which men shouldn’t reproduce
Government Secret #73
Hogwarts is real but Americans don’t get invited
Government Secret #59
Obama confirmed that the real national anthem is NOT the star spangled banner but in fact ‘national anthem’ by lana del rey. #confirmed
Government Secret #453
I have a really bad headache and I’m almost sure it’s because of Donald Trump
Government Secret #421
Pillows are created by the government. They are made out of a special material and a computer chip that detects your dreams and sends them directly to the presidents computer. That sex dream you had with Zayn Malik? Obama knows…
Government Secret #471
While everyone’s attention is focused on Donald trump and the upcoming election, Obama is secretly plotting to overthrow Canada. They will never see it coming.
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Government Secret #22
Kim Possible is real and she’s our best agent 
Government Secret #48
Ball really is life