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my favorite meme so far
can I just office romance
was anyone else waiting for the ‘i love you’ or was that just me
his girlfriend is dead do u kno what that means ur livin the life now, kevin the winchester life
Guys I’m really concerned about Crowley’s reaction when they told him he didn’t have a soul.
my life goal is to buy out an entire concert and then the artist will come on stage so dramatically and it will just be me sitting there like  
Mr. Fizzles says Naomi is a fucking liar
i still can’t believe that scene just happened! i mean the fucking hug, “i prayed to you every night cas”, “i ran to keep them away from you”, “i’m not leaving here without you”, “i need you” i just
“I saw mom, when she died and some other crap” compared to losing Mary, literal Hell is just “some other crap”
“What broke the connection?”
gif aren't jamaicans gr8
korra has died the new avatar is born mako, an old man, kneels at korra’s grave, his fingers brushing the engravings "korra….i broke up with you"
my gifs supernatural dean winchester castiel destiel season gr8 spoilers Hunteri Heroici SEASON GR8 IS LITERALLY FANFICTION
you left open the gate to hell you left open THE GATE TO HELL SAM IN PURGATORY THIS IS WHY WE CAN’T HAVE NICE THINGS SAM
Harry Styles One Direction * mine gr8 day
writing tip #954:
nothing will break your readers like chapters written from the pov of other characters who don’t yet know their beloved protagonist has died
Cas hitched a ride out of Purgatory using Dean as a vessel and nothing will convince me otherwise.