• grainy •
* jjedit jj* jessica jones marvel's jessica jones this grainy mess
gif Chris Evans Before We Go evansedit beforewego this movie is so grainy
1k gifs mine other evansedit steviebucks barnesrogers babblingbrooke those grainy specs in the background need to leave ((:
*mine grainy af but shrug emoji
Chris Evans mcavoys scarlett johansson by tsveti marvelcastedit this is so grainy why does god hate me
1k mygif carol 5k Rooney Mara cate blanchett OK I DIED The Price of Salt caroledit HAROLD THEY'RE LESBIANS this is so grainy im sad
mine misc tom hiddleston hiddles hiddlestoners he still looks cute tho so grainy but it was so dim so i had to lighten as much as possible
photography film medium format photo night city dark city lights grain urban darkness city life kodak quiet night time portra grainy rangefinder fuji original photography photographers on tumblr lensblr original photographers negative film GW690 6x9 urban maze
gifs leonardo dicaprio oscars m:leodicaprio dicaprioedit leonardodicaprioedit Oscars 2016 damn this is super grainy and its already late but leo looks so smiley here the room was laughing so much and look at alejandro AND JUST LOOK AT LEO'S CONSTANT SMILE
1k my gifs 10 things i hate about you kat stratford movieedit pinkmanjesse filmedit the sass and wit level i aspire to reach tbh also i think i'm slowly starting to like pastel-y coloring...? idk i tried making this bright and colorful but it came out super grainy since this is a 90s movie
gifs mine 10k gotg* marveledit marvel* oh man this movie is super grainy
gif * tangled movies films Disneyedit so grainy tanglededit filmedit but I like the coloring and this movie is nice tbh