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So, Bill has made a deal with possibly the author, Gideon, and Dipper. Does that order seem familiar?
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Shipping two characters that don’t interact with each other/hate each other
Goodbye Gravity Falls
Hey internet. I’ve got some tough news I have to deliver. Are you sitting down? Do you have a minute? Here, have this picture of a dachshund dressed as a crayon to relax:Everyone good? Okay here goes.There’s no easy way to say it so I’m just going to say it: Gravity Falls is coming to an end. There ...
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  • Gravity Falls Season One, Episode 11:Dipper feels self-conscious about his height
  • Gravity Falls Season Two, Episode 11:Grunkle Stan gets arrested by the government, the apocalypse comes
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Trying to hide that you are dying on the inside because Gravity Falls is ending
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