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  • aries:ares (determined, impulsive)
  • taurus:hephaestus (kind, peaceful, has a jealous side)
  • gemini:dionysus (fun, lighthearted, easily misunderstood)
  • cancer:artemis (friendly, protective, sensitive)
  • leo:zeus (regal, in control and strong)
  • virgo:poseidon (noble, critical, and moody)
  • libra:aphrodite (attractive without trying, has a seductive nature, vain)
  • scorpio:hera (majestic, vindictive)
  • ...
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Greek myths mention several Islands of Women, where Amazons lived without men, only consorting with neighboring colonies of males at certain...
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but seriously though i’m sick and tired of those masterposts that are like “here! A reference site on Greek mythology for all your needs! Look it has all fifteen Greek gods on it!” And I’m like. tHERE WERE LIKE HUNDREDS OF FIGURES IN MYTHOLOGY YOUR CRAPPY HIGH SCHOOL LEVEL BIBLIOGRAPHY SITE ME...
when somebody makes a good greek mythology joke