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My heart says yes but my bank account says no
kanye west parody account
i just found my favorite twitter account
1k 2k 3k real account crapedt
les mis les miserables Enjolras enjolrasthewimp I absolutely love this account
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Reblog this if you would care if I deleted this account.
Reblog if you would notice if I deactivated my account.
Obama hacks Romney's Facebook account, leaves status update: "im gay"
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disney Pixar finding nemo Finding Dory parody account
Please reblog if you have a Deviantart account
swag anime twitter tweets crunchyroll this is the best twitter account
about me uploading on this account because i never use it
Masterpost of the fake Twitter account followers Ryan Murphy has:
Drake DRIZZY drake quotes qoutes it's Not his real account yo
one day my bank account will agree with my lifestyle.
frank ocean expressing feels everything would be so simple frank ocean parody twitter account