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Grunge soft soft grunge
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about me uploading on this account because i never use it
Masterpost of the fake Twitter account followers Ryan Murphy has:
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[Fan Account] Our precious Seungri at Idol Sports Day
It was originally said that the ‘Idol Sports Day’ would be held at the main stadium but because of the snowstorm, it was moved to the indoor stadium. At first I thought it might get cancelled but then again, MBC wouldn’t joke around like that. Every time that Seungri is involved wi...
no seriously the @PreschoolGems twitter account is perfect
“When I grow up I want to be a Canadian.” “They said I was cheating, and I was. But cheating doesn’t matter. Life and friends matter.” “I CAN find my angry but I CAN’T find my fun.” “No, you have to play with me. I love you.” “Being happy...
frank ocean expressing feels everything would be so simple frank ocean parody twitter account
Louis's Ping Account
Turns out Louis is a member of Ping and we can confirm that it’s him because the official One Direction Ping account follows him and it’s connected to his twitter.  Why is this Larry news?  Well, check out his picture. And check out one of his purchases So not only is his picture a Lar...