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myedits percy jackson l o l annabeth chase percy jackson and the olympians Grover Underwood the sea of monsters TYSON creys this is so horrible omg gsblkgsdfgs well ok i am in a percy jackson mood today wee~~~~~ i hope it gets notes HA HA HA idk man i was bored lol ok that is all i tag too much apparently
“pasta is so god” i type, and people presume i have made a simple spelling error but it is they who are mistaken i worship pasta
ok tegan and sara great sara quin SKQ 30 heartthrob well ok
jeff goldblum well liked ok ok I'm done... for now things i actually say
ok ren3gades
mygifs bap b.a.p daehyun gif:daehyun 2nd Adventure well ok dae
My art how to train your dragon dragon toothless hiccup Night Fury httyd2 well.. ok. yeah
Zayn Malik i love you ok marry me meet my boyfriend well this is accurate HELLO ZAYN <33333 be mine ok bitch
homestuck doodle tavros artsu ughUHG not feelin well lately
about me made by me good ok charlie mcdonnell charlieissocoollike he knows us so well gpoy of tumblr
amazingphil I TRIED OK well everyone else is artistically gifted and this is what i made
my gif justin bieber MY EDIT well ok juju over 1k i just found this mine yooo
gif ten inch hero Priestly spnedit Jensenedit ok sorry for the quality i shouldn't tag this with 'spnedit' tag but oh well
Mean Girls beyonce jetaimejetadore thequeenbey ok last one 7/11 didn't turn out how i wanted it to but oh well
  • Scott Disick:Kanye, man I love you
  • Kanye West:I love you too man
  • Kim Kardashian:I love you too Kanye
  • Kanye West:I love me too
mine muse Dom Howard ok I'll stop oh well I'm just posting this.. am I as bad at making gifs as I think?
Larry Stylinson mine ok bye lourry oh well hario and louigi i cant tell whether im proud or ashamed of this a little of both i think
gifs edits kuroshitsuji sebastian michaelis black butler kuro Book of Circus WELL OK I TRIED DON'T LAUGH