• guineapig •
mine guineapig
pretty cute pink sweet pet roses crown guineapig
LOL art fashion guinea pig rabbit pet pets hamster rodent hailey gerbil guineapig pet love guinea pig love
guinea pig
  • parents:can I see this blog of yours?
  • me:ahah what. *deletes tumblr, closes laptop, burns laptop, eats ashes, moves to Nepal, changes name to Quebnfk, lives with a flock of sheep*
me mine Phil amazingphil lester phil lester amazingphil drawing done finally so proud phew omg amazingphil art imaguineapig
me danisnotonfire am i even allowed to do this? sorry very sorry credit to original pictures
me mine amazingphil danisnotonfire phil lester dan howell imaguineapig side by side for anyone that wanted the pair