• haha hah ha im too lazy to tag eveyr oen hh •
snk shingeki no kyojin attack on titan photoshit haha hah ha im too lazy to tag eveyr oen hh ah ahah hah hah hhh ehh ehe H HAH H AHH
my roommate said she’d be home three hours ago dont know if i should be worried or eat her ice cream
bucky receiving conscription notice bucky desperately trying to apply for conscientious objector status so he can stay home and look out for steve bucky being rejected and told to report to basic training no later than tomorrow at seven am bucky swaggering in, throwing an arm around steve’s shoulder...
haha homestuck hah ha gamzee ha ha ha IS DEAD MOTHERFUCKER no but I like nepeta being dead too caliborn rules hah
mygifs the creatures creaturegroup im not gonna tag all of them im too lazy haha
anime im too lazy to tag all of those
mygifs im too lazy to tag them all free! ALL THE GRAINS IS HURTING MYEYeS
haha bye skittles also mine: gif ch: stiles stilinski show: teen wolf sciles mine xoxo ch: scott mccall brotp: i had you before h a im not crying ur crying turnpikedarling torple kirallisons otp: you're here with me i tried????? an new kind of giffing technique idek and i saved them a different way too does it look bad or [ sweats nervously ] protip: do not listen to miley cyrus when giffing skittles ''when you say you love me no i love you more and when you say you need me no i need you more'' hah a ha ... ha .................. a new* not an knew what the heck even
kingdom hearts sora riku roxas Birth By Sleep Ventus 358/2 Days Swallotail's stuff Too lazy to tag everybody's name haha I swear the gifs do time together Am I lazy for making gifs out of screencaps?? Also haha ARX are now eating green ice cream Tbh the green looks kinda funky
Cool png transparent swaggie ha hah haha hhah
how to spot a brit:
1) shout out “0800 00” 2) wait until someone shouts “1066”
the beatles jimi hendrix yes Queen rock n roll the doors Led Zeppelin Who black sabbath the who im too lazy to tag
* Grey's Anatomy lexie grey mine: ga greysedit here zoey have some lexie pain im too lazy to tag everyone else
gif mygif mio k-on! k on azusa yui mugi azunyan keion im too lazy to tag their full names
My art *1k phan phan art SCREAMS AND CRASHES THRU THE FRONT DOOR IM SORRY IVE BEEN AWOL not even a good reasoN ive been on my personal hah ha rolls away !! 500shadesofblue oh that wont show in ur tag ill link u ha ha i love u
1k c fall out boy the quality is bad i should be ashamed im too lazy to tag everything and everyone this edit is absolutely useless
* ** glee santana lopez rachel berry idk what else to tag this as brittan w.e im too lazy
Fanart dragon age animations the iron bull and everybody else im too lazy to tag
louis tomlinson Harry Styles im too lazy to tag