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How I Made Isabela’s Boots
Welcome to the second installment of the “Isabela Cosplay? How?!” series. Today I will be breaking down the BEASTS that are Isabela’s boots. I say beasts because these bad boys ate up the majority of the cosplay construction time. That’s ok though because once again I want to stress how absolutely i...
Words to Describe Hair
This began as a guide to describing Afro/curly hair but of course, I got carried away. From look and texture of hair, colors and various styles, this guide serves as a thesaurus of sorts for hair, as well as pointers for use in your writing.Culturally Significant Hair Coverings:Know the meaning behi...
Makeup and Beauty: Basic Cosplay Makeup 1 Basic Cosplay Makeup 2 Basic Cosplay Makeup for Male Characters 1 Basic Cosplay Makeup for Male Characters 2 How to Apply False Eyelashes All About Fake Eyelashes: Tips, Tricks, Tutorial Painless Way of Removing Facial Hair Sugar Scrub Shaving Technique 9 D...
Beginner Cosplayer Expectations
When you are starting to sew and you think it will be like this: But it turns out more like this:
hygiene/beauty masterpost
i’m done with finals thank the lawd so i thought i’d compile a list of useful stuff and personal advice regarding personal hygiene or whatever :))hair:tips:when showering, try to keep shampoo away from your ends. they dry out much more quickly, and shampoo strips away any natural oils or moisture in...
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Horse Anatomy Post
Making this post for future reference Horse Hair direction charts
Cosplay Posing Reference Sheets
-*WJS Cosplay Photography Blog*-I made a short post with samples of sketches/studies that cosplayers can use for posing references. I save sketches like these onto my phone to use on shoots when I want to show them a pose and for whatever reason I can’t demonstrate it for them. Sometimes I even take...
Paint on Fabric Walk Through
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chrome extensions for disabilities masterpost
I have seen a lot of posts on here talking about individual extensions for chrome to help people, but I haven’t seen a place where they’re compiled together. So here you are!font/text no caps - Makes everything lower case Open Dyslexic: changes the font to Open Dyslexic and makes it larg...
Crystal, stones, and Minerals Guide
AegirineThe Stone of ConvictionAgateStones of Inner StabilityAlmandineStone of Tangible TruthAmazoniteStone of CourageStone of TruthAmethystThe Artist StoneThe Composer’s StoneAndradite GarnetStone of Emotional StrengthApatite (Blue)Stone of ManifestationApatite (Green)The Earth Healer StoneAp...
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And Sewing Is Half The Battle: Tutorial! INVISIBLE SHOES!
You heard right:  INVISIBLE SHOES!A great tutorial on making invisible shoes for all those characters who run around barefoot. 
So my historical costuming resources list from 2011 was less than a page long- I’m not saying that I’ve learned a lot in the past three years, but this list is now sitting pretty at a solid nine pages.  Whew.  And people wonder why I want to redo this damn series. This list is by no means an exhau...
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