• hamilton my grandmother hamilton the musical linmanuel i am crying but super happy at the same time i am going to write about this convo in greater detail to send in a letter to lin but i just •
Broadway hamilton lin manuel miranda yay hamlet linmanuel look @ Lin at this point my blog is just me posting Lin tweets I love this is him everyone my fucking inspiration in life
Illustration Sketch musical fan art digital art Broadway poc Alexander Hamilton thomas jefferson hamilton lin manuel miranda general lee Renee Elise Goldsberry pop funko hamilton musical Peggy Schuyler daveed diggs angelica schuyler eliza hamilton hamiltunes the schuyler sisters hamilton fan art
1k Alexander Hamilton thomas jefferson hamilton Aaron Burr angelica schuyler amrev hamilton text posts did you think i was done with these? smart choices: posting something at 11:30 AM on a monday i realize that jefferson post is more relatable to the historical tjeffs than the musical one
vogue Broadway vogue magazine hamilton lin manuel miranda Leslie Odom Jr. Renee Goldsberry Renee Elise Goldsberry Anthony Ramos okieriete onaodowan jasmine cephas jones daveed diggs hamilton broadway
musicals Alexander Hamilton hamilton lin manuel miranda hamilton musical god i'm in love with this show lrtcgifs
writing a paper: too perfectionist to do a shitty job too exhausted to do a good job
musicals Broadway Alexander Hamilton hamilton stay alive lin manuel miranda hamilton musical phillipa soo hamilton edit lmmedit hamiltome it's quiet uptown hamilton photos hamilton the revolution
me: *listens to a song not on the Hamilton album*lin-manuel miranda:
My art hamilton I know I didn't give near enough love to the ladies of Hamilton in this massive post but confession time here's what I got I'm not great at drawing them yet IT'S NOT FOR LACK OF TRYING see: the thousands of pieces of paper with Eliza's face all over them strewn about my room
Broadway Alexander Hamilton theater hamilton lin manuel miranda lmm lin-manuel miranda hamilton musical yayhamlet a. ham
twitter National Treasure hamilton headcanon accepted lin manuel miranda i am trash hamilton the musical Hamilton trash trash of the thing
I want you to read this. I don’t want to link the article because they say some pretty ignorant things but this I thought important. I know we are all like “how can they go on without Zayn?” but they have to. We have to. For Zayn. The real danger lies not with the loss of a band member but a loss of...
my gifs super junior siwon Hangeng heechul kangin from:sjfh crying forever at heechul honestly and it is just going to get worse from here i love hangengs reaction to this as well but i am hangeng biased i miss hanchul a lot sorry the 5th gif is so bad quality but this show is so old that there isnt much else i can do i also don'y like gifs 3 and 4 but thats more due to the window in their room so i can't fix that i am rambling as always hahahaha
stephen colbert 5k mystuff Jonathan Groff hamilton lin manuel miranda hamilton cast hamilton musical the late show with stephen colbert LSSC hamiltonedit brotp: we're in the play!
*mine 500 hamilton *myedit *1k lin manuel miranda broadwaynetwork hamilton musical hamilton broadway again i will fight u if you tweet this to lin without credit
Hamilton Original Broadway Cast  Hamilton Original Broadway Cast Recording
and i realize three fundamental truths at the exact same timeHelpless/SatisfiedH...
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Illustration motivation Fanart musical digital art Broadway musical theatre Alexander Hamilton hamilton Lafayette lin manuel miranda final exam john laurens king george III hamilton musical Peggy Schuyler daveed diggs yayhamlet angelica schuyler eliza hamilton hamiltunes eliza schuyler hamilton fan art maria reynolds Arron burr
my gifs mine 500* hamilton 1k* Aaron Burr 100* Leslie Odom Jr broadwayedit hamiltonedit this like is like my favorite line in the entire show i need to write more about aaron burr i should write about hamilton