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are you an a ‘burn’ cryer, a ‘stay alive (reprise)’ cryer, an ‘it’s quiet uptown’ cryer, or a ‘who lives, who dies, who tells your story’ cryer?
did you know the new musical hamilton is full of cool, historical facts that are 100% true? For example, in the song it’s quiet uptown, hamilton says “I know I don’t deserve you Eliza”
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While the men in Hamilton are prime examples of the seven deadly sins (Hamilton’s pride, Burr’s envy, I could go on), Eliza in particular is...
Hamilton was not content to write [under the pseudonym] Camillus alone. Two days after his second essay appeared, he began to publish, in th...
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Hamilton the Musical giveaway!
Hello everyone! It was been a while since I did a giveaway. With all this excitement about Hamilton, I thought it was a great time to do a new one. I will randomly choose 5 winners who I will send one of the prizes shown bellow of their choosing from the Hamilton Merchandise site. That’s right! You ...
“Alexander Hamilton founded the New York Post” sounds a lot less impressive when you learn the rest of that sentence goes:“so he could publicly talk smack about the other founding fathers”
At one ball, Angelica dropped a garter that was swept gallantly off the floor by Hamilton. Angelica, who had a sly wit, teased him that he w...
  • Thomas Jefferson:Hamilton's financial plan sucks
  • Thomas Jefferson:Also, I haven't read it, it's like, super long.
if youre obsessed with a dead immigrant politician/treasury secretary that’s over 200 years old and you know it clap your hands
favourite things in the hamilton soundtrack
“immigrants, we get the job done”“yo yo yo, what time is it? SHOWTIME ”“aaron burr, sir”“they have not your interest at heart” “oh my god tear this dude apart”“i should go” “no these guys should go” “what?” “no!” “leave us alone”“shes married to a british officer” “ᴏʜ sʜɪᴛ”“life doesnt d...
Hamilton: i love all the revolutionaries equally… marquis de lafayette, hercules mulligan, and *looks at pristine writing in diary, surrounded by flowering hearts* john laurens
Hamilton lyrics: “Most disputes die, and no one shoots.”Hamilton musical: 3/3 duels end in a shooting.
  • Aaron Burr:Washington hires Hamilton right on sight, even though I was riGHT THERE
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** Awkward Jenna Hamilton Ashley Rickards awkward.