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MY EDIT hannibal mads mikkelsen hugh dancy sort of? hannibaledit did I say I'll never try to color Mads' eye again? I lied I would color it for the rest of my life I've made gifs with these shots before and goddammit they look so awkward in comparison with these new ones like meh so yeah I'm quite happy with the new coloring
star trek hpedit dwedit princess of winterfell:mine gotedit hannibaledit fuckyeah10k i was going to add a lot more peope here like Willow from btvs but tumblr is being a bitch and woulld not allow to upload some of the other gifs i made
my edits 1kplus hannibal hannibal lecter my!gifs hannibal nbc hannibaledit my!hannibal hannibal translated back in town people already jfc
* hannibal hannibal lecter ty mads mikkelsen nbc hannibal hannibaledit hannibal spoilers
hannibal hannibal lecter 2.08 mads mikkelsen will graham hannibaledit nbchannibal hannibalseason2 su-zakana
c hannibal hannibaledit hannibal spoilers *shit
my gifs spoilers hannibal hannibal lecter mads mikkelsen hannibaledit cannibalism tw
my gifs mine hannibal mads mikkelsen hugh dancy nbc hannibal hannibaledit
hannibal nbc hannibal hannibaledit chickennuggets NEVER FORGET CHILTON i cannot believe i fit over 30 frames in that 1 gif
gifs made by me hannibal hugh dancy will graham nbc hannibal hannibaledit
my stuff pb hannibal hugh dancy will graham hannibaledit dancyedit kawaii is my name ide k just look at how he looks murderous yet kawaii so had to do this to him
gif 1k 2k 10k wat 3k hannibal raul esparza hannibaledit Frederick Chilton hannibal crack Futamono i'm sorry i tried to be funny again but i just love chilton and everything he does sassy little asshole this was his best episode by far in two days
gif mine hannibal hannibal lecter hannibal* hannibaledit Jack Crawford nbchannibal hannibal gif*
1k 5k hannibal will graham hannibaledit Hannibal Gif hannibal spoilers alana bloom nbchannibal hannibaledits hannibal edit hannibal season 2
myedit ashley hannibal winston will graham nbc hannibal hannibaledit hannibal spoilers will and his dogs
* hannibal hannibal lecter will graham nbc hannibal hannibaledit bedelia du maurier Sakizuke
* hannibal don't look at me f UCK will graham hannibaledit alana bloom nbchannibal mineHANNIBAL winston waiting for will on the porch
hannibal hugh dancy will graham hannibaledit beverly katz hetienne park hannibal crack cannibalistic jokes will is the studious type
hannibal hannibal lecter hannibaledit lmao this took me so long. is someone even awake at this hour? we just don't know.
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