• happy sighs •
it’s so rare that you meet someone who makes you feel so warm and happy like they are like sunshine and you just want them around all the time
spoilers otp Kyoukai no Kanata happy sighs kuriyama mirai kanbara akihito someone make me stop giffing
  • Aries:being alive
  • Taurus:sleep
  • Gemini:the internet
  • Cancer:power
  • Leo:love
  • Virgo:drinking
  • Libra:cute stuffed animals
  • Scorpio:competition/ winning
  • ...
art Mayor Grace /today is a stressful day sighs
1k ~ Darren Criss edit: gifs HAPPY BIRTHDAY BB!!!! sighs you're 9 years older than i am fuck it i'm posting it now it's his birthday somewhere
Eu me desfiz pra me refazer em você.
:) G Dragon kiko mizuhara JiKo look at how hAPPY THEY LOOK my heart is happy you bet i'd come back for this i'm so happy for you both dreamy content sighs dedicated to all and every jiko shipper esp to my jiko anon and monica!!!!
1k gifs mine movie 5k Ryan Reynolds Sandra Bullock the proposal 3k i love this movie so so so much i lost count of how many times i've seen *happy sighs*
sorry i really wanted to give him a hat and hair
Teen Wolf *graphics stiles stilinski happy sighs forever
My art candy cane i regret nothing white rose sighs loudly RWBY beaconship bumbleby EEEEYYYY its 10 30pm where i'm from and this is how i celebrate my last hours of christmas
art really trusting no ones gonna steal these prolly gonna happen like last time sighs
Eu não sou bipolar, mas você desperta em mim todos os tipos de sentimentos possíveis. Virei uma zona de transição climática chovo, vento, ne...
1k spoilers mine otp MY BABIES arrow my feels oliver queen 2.10 arrowedit felicity smoak olicity happy sighs MY OTP IS PERFECTION OH MY GOD I CANT HANDLE IT OLIVER STOP IT WITH THE WAY YOU LOOK AT FELICITY IT'S SO EFFING PRECIOUS the smile though seriously i seriously thought he was going to kiss her lol but no this was perfect
My art reigisa i'M SO HAPPY to see that tag constantly getting new posts never too much love for the otp
* bw sighs Crystal Reed creededit darren mcmullen oh my god dlfkjsdfdklf when they finally go public i'm out of the internet but i'm so happy dslfkjdsf she looks really happy and that's all that matters :'))
exo exo m cgifs sighs Gif: others Kris Wufan gif: Kris wu yi fan yifan sorry about the small font i'm tRY OKAY
I didn’t mean to ship it, it just happened. 
sighs the dog modoroart red the akita sighs and red