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i think i speak for the entire tfios fandom when i say that we are in fact not okay
Everyone who reblogs this will get the title of a book to read based on their bio/posts. Everyone. I mean it. EDIT: make sure your ask box is open please :)
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At What Part of the TFIOS Movie Will You Start Crying?
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  • TMI:That's My Igloo! (It's kind of like MTV Cribs, except with igloos)
  • PJO:Please, Just Ovulate! (Where husbands and wives discuss having kids)
  • HP:Hot Pockets (people just REALLY love these)
  • SPN:Shakespearian Porn Novels (in which scholars find the hidden innuendo's in Wililam's classic plays)
  • THG:The Hottest Goat (it's a reality tv show that people are really into these days)
  • DW:Dinkleberg Weekly (a spinoff series in which Timmy's dad complain's about Dinkleberg's mischievous week)
  • TID:This Is Dubstep (A show that analyzes the most painful music: dubstep)
  • TFIOS:The Fry Is On Saturn (a game show where they hide a french fry somewhere in the solar system and contestants race to find it first. the winner gets to eat the fry. They use "Saturn" in the title, because that was the location of the original fry)
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but how am I supposed to survive watching the whole the fault in our stars movie if it only took a 2 minute trailer deSTROY ME
I’m not emotionally ready for the Faults in Our Stars movie
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