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so are we just going to ignore how the Harry Potter fandom is slowly going insane without any new books or movies and making gifs of the most irrelevant scenes like Ron blinking and giving it a purple tint and putting a quote about friendship on it and it gets like thousands of reblogs  I mean reall...
As Remus Lupin once said, “Eat. You’ll feel better.”
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Imagine if Sirius could have raised Harry and when he sent a howler to him in his second year for driving the car to school. "I’M NOT EVEN MAD, I’M ACTUALLY IMPRESSED. MERLIN’S BLOODY BALLS I’M PROUD." And Remus in the background “SIRIUS NO.”
Pet fannish peeve: When people insist that a written fictional character is white even though there is no canonical proof that they are. Example: Hermione Granger.
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youdaflyest imagine there was a Tumblr summer camp where you went and they had challenges like “who can tumble the longest” and the people there actually encouraged you to stay up until 3am. and to make it an experience they’d put like 5 people into a dorm all from different fando...
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Things voldemort should have made into horcruxes:
A penny, he then should have gave that penny to a stranger and told them to pass it on , the result would be Harry Potter never being able to find the penny. His underwear , who wants to have to take someone’s underwear off of them?! A dead battery, who would suspect that? Lily and James’...
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