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so are we just going to ignore how the Harry Potter fandom is slowly going insane without any new books or movies and making gifs of the most irrelevant scenes like Ron blinking and giving it a purple tint and putting a quote about friendship on it and it gets like thousands of reblogs  I mean reall...
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The Harry Potter Fandom Can Do Anything.
We can make a puppet show. We can make a musical. We can make a second musical. We can cross two Harry Potter related things and make it hysterical. We can take a famous line from the movie and change it.  We can take pictures from the movie and make it look like a picture from another movie. ...
Let's all just have a giant, emotional Harry Potter fandom hug. Bring it in.
Special fangirl powers by fandom:
Doctor Who: Ability to explain things at light speed Ability to ruin hipster posts Supernatural: Ability to point out the exceedingly obvious in a funny manner Sherlock: Observant as fuck Ability to ship characters that don’t exist Ability to crazy Avengers: Ability to have an army Ability to ...
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I was looking at this book with stuff about every religion and what have we done
shoutout to the people who still post harry potter 15 months after the last film and 5 years after the final book
  • Doctor Who Fandom:Tumblr just regenerated
  • Avenger Fandom:It looks like Tumblr suited up
  • Sherlock Fandom:Tumblr is sooooo changeable
  • Harry Potter Fandom:Tumblr is a Metamorphmagus
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Just realized how other fandoms like Doctor Who, Avengers, Supernatural, Harry Potter have so many t...
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"Yo Hunger Games Fandom, I’m really happy for you, Imma let you finish but Harry Potter was one of t...
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