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  • baby:w...w...w..
  • mom:water? wash? what?
  • baby:w....w-we....Welcome! Foolish Mortals, to the Haunted Mansion, I am your host, your ghost host. Hmmmm. Our tour begins here, in this gallery. Here where you see paintings of some of our guests, as they appeared in their corruptible, mortal state. Kindly step all the way in please, and make room for everyone. There's no turning back now...
  • Your cadaverous palour, betrays an aura of foreboding, almost as though you sense a disquieting metamorphosis. Is this Haunted room actually stretching? Or is it your imagination, hmm? And consider this dismaying observation, this chamber has no windows, and no doors. Which offers you this chilling challenge, to find a way out! Of course, there's always my way...
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