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doctor who eleventh doctor matt smith Arthur Darvill Rory Williams edit dwedit eleven x rory okay a little break from ponds meme because how dare i neglect these babies so bunch of parallels of love also the seventh one jesus christ while i was editing it i once again died because of doctor's body language the way he tries to refrain himself from giving in the way he clenches his hand and forces it back instead of clutching rory's clothes and pulling him closer get out it's there this longing and belonging and oh finally it's him kissing me wanting to be close to me shut up it's there yep severe eleven/rory detxo is needed oh well
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hayley williams paramore now
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doctor who Arthur Darvill Rory Williams dw my stuff mine:gif mine:doctor who dwedit mine:rory williams
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hayley williams paramore ORIGINALS 1000notes mine: gif paramoreedit hwgif i just wanted to post this in better quality
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gif 1k hayley williams paramore Playing God
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Pharrell Williams Backstage 1000 frank ocean john legend 2013 grammys
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doctor who Arthur Darvill Rory Williams dw my stuff mine:gif 100 250 mine:doctor who dwedit mine:rory williams
hayley williams paramore hayley Williams
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