• he goes for sam to live he holds bilbo's hand on this last journey as if his own fear loneliness mourning didn't matter •
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sherlock andrew scott jim moriarty moriarty james moriarty and this is precisely why i don't understand people who were 'surprised' by moriarty's suicide or thought it was OOC the final problem was STAYING ALIVE. and it was a problem not because he wanted to live but because he wanted to die. 'IT'S SO BORING ISN'T IT? IT'S JUST STAYING.' life was tedium and stasis for him. HE WANTED OUT. the final problem - the endgame he has had in mind since series one - was about him being ready to die and it wasn't just his problem - he wanted to share it with sherlock it wasn't enough simply to die - he wanted (needed) to do it knowing that sherlock understood death would have brought him no comfort without the knowledge that he hadn't been alone on this miserable planet all along. why do you think he is so fucking devastated to have 'beaten' sherlock? sherlock disappointed him and now he hasn't just lost him ('I DON'T EVEN HAVE YOU') but lost also the death he wanted for himself. (the death he wanted for THEM - this was about a certain 'togetherness' for him - it was meaningless without sherlock) and so he tells him 'NOW I HAVE TO GO BACK TO PLAYING WITH THE ORDINARY PEOPLE' not because he WANTS to (as the disgust in his tone should make clear) but because he doesn't have it in him to die the way he wanted to without having his big moment of connectivity with sherlock this is what makes him dying with sherlock's hand in his so profound it's also what makes his ending such a moving and beautiful one - he got everything he wanted the gun in one hand and sherlock's in the other as andrew scott has made clear - moriarty was a desolate lonely and unhappy character and in his final moments that utter desolation melts away as he and sherlock finally put the game aside for a few moments and share something honest devastating and intimate moriarty wanted sherlock and he wanted death and the two became inextricable for him 'winning' meant nothing - all he wanted was the feeling of sherlock's hand in his and the relief of finally knowing there was SOMEONE someone for him and someone LIKE him this is why he dies with a smile on his face and this is why his suicide was the PERFECT ending to his arc
* k Teen Wolf Sterek *tw otp: sterek i've had this headcanon for a long time where somewhere down the road scott agrees that him working as derek's pack is the only way to defeat the alpha pack and allison trails along and tries to come to a truce with derek because neither of them want anyone there to die and isaac comes to derek and is like 'i know it took me a while but i'm here so just tell me what you need' and boyd and erica nod along because running away didn't help anything and because erica is alive okay jackson and lydia refuse to officially be under anyone else's power but they enjoy the thrill of being on the winning side and their bet is on this pack so they stick around most of the time and stiles stiles is the only one who never needed to say anything he demands that they have official pack meetings and he shows up to every one and derek tries not to look surprised every time he walks into the loft but his face has always betrayed him and this is no different but pack meetings mean that derek has to stand in front of all of them and offer plans and strategies and even though he has a habit of lecturing teenagers one-on-one this just isn't his forte he was never meant to lead people this way and 95 percent of the plans are stiles' anyway that he's letting derek take credit for so the first time he's sort of just choked up and they're all staring at him expectantly and he doesn't know how to say that they picked the wrong alpha and he's not clever enough to keep them all alive but stiles walks up next to him and starts explaining what each of their jobs is and then he grabs derek's hand and squeezes it and derek lifts his chin and finishes explaining the plan and in the biggest plot twist of derek's life it works flawlessly and they defeat the alpha pack and the next friday they all show up at the loft anyway and erica's just like 'well are we getting this pack meeting started or what?' and scott's like 'i only said until the alphas were gone so if i'm going to be here you better have pizza' and derek clears his throat to suppress a grin and they all pretend not to notice when stiles holds his hand throughout every pack meeting from then on long after derek stops being so unsure of himself and waiting for them all to leave him without looking back
* doctor who amy pond mine Eleven mine: doctor who otp: the last face this face saw amy was so overjoyed with thinking that she had made a difference and saved vincent's life because vincent's depression and mental illness were afflictions completely palatable to her even the loneliness and the ridicule for believing in things that no one thought existed and amy related so heavily to it and was absolutely ecstatic at the thought of being able to have a positive role in vincent's life did you see the way she ran through the museum? overcome with happiness and anticipation at hearing how vincent's story ends now that they befriended him and showed him that he would not be forgotten throughout the ages and that he would live on through his art the very essence of his soul and all of the pain he felt inside that was translated into beauty would someday be understood and recognized i think it's important to see amy in this scene and not only to recognize amy as being sad because vincent is dead but as also being sad because even that wasn't enough for vincent amy pond you are magnificent and i'm sorry
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You will never listen to A-Team the same again after this. This song “Litt...
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* Damon x Elena major delena feelings everytime i listen to this song okay idgaf if it's hanson the lyrics are so freaking hidfkcndjfjdso and idk that part reminds me of that scene it gets even more painful when you think he was so close to giving up on his own life he literally thought he had no more reason to fight and then he thought of her he remembered the first time they ever met and how that night changed him forever and it gets so much worse if you compare it to 2x22 because here you can see that he still wasn't ready to die there was nothing he could do to save himself back then but this time he can do something; he can fight back and then that memory... that only exists in his head reminded him of how much he'd miss if he simply accepted death he just wants to be with her no matter how much it hurts him to know his love will never be enough for her (at least in his mind) so he gets up and fights maybe not for him but for her because he made her a promise to never leave her again because loving her is the only thing that makes him feel alive and that would never change he would protect her just like he said to katherine analyzing it from another perspective his death would make no sense after all his arc throughout the show so many moments wrapped up in a single scene all his previous choices led him to decide he would not die that night because if he had chosen differently he wouldn't have met her and his life would have been pure darkness and misery nothing to turn around and look back to we know he'd do things us damon fans are not proud of but leaving elena unprotected is not and will never be an option she is his priority even though he isn't hers (for now) fucking feels jfc this can't be healthy i'm just gonna go
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my gif harry potter jason isaacs my graphic hpgif Lucius Malfoy hpedit malfoys i love the fact that there is some kind of realization in lucius' eyes in those moments of fear especially when he drops the prophecy or when he sees the killed goblins he knows he's gonna pay he know he's screwed as are his family and then you have the fact that he becomes aware and realizes that he served a madman that this is madness and that they have to save themselves from voldy's madness
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jesus christ by me trigger warning: hanging trigger warning: suicide archetype series nothing crueller than loving and being loved by a prophet the kingdom of god is within you because you ate it judas iscariot the love of the disciples was overwhelming and so was their jealousy would jesus not have chosen the one he loved best to destroy him; to raise him up on the cross that humanity might be saved? would he not have wanted love to be the driving force behind his pain? would that not have made the unbearable bearable? if judas was driven by a greed; by an evil; was gripped by satan as they say would it not have crept in through the faultlines in his soul left gaping wide open by exposure to the sheer force of adoration and transcendence that always breaks us all wide open and sends us running terrified from what we see there? was judas acting in fear or in greed or in love or in holiness or evil? the answer is always; has always been; all of it the son of god does not die by accident not by the hand of random malice or greed no; he dies by love; every time my judas feels are incomparable and overwhelming and highly unique a traitor is never just a traitor (well that's it in a nutshell) biblical subversion trigger warning: crucifixion