• he looked so fine in this pic I couldn't help myself •
art bts ;;;;; cries forever kpop fanart jimin park jimin Bangtan Boys >.> bangtan sonyeondan bangtan fanart bts fanart I hope I did it some justice omg his lips were so frustrating JESUS whyyyyy I'm still not totally happy with it but heeeey I really like the hair???? i dont know how I did it but I'm happy with it he looked so fine in this pic I couldn't help myself also my backgrounds are... shit I know did I do better this time?? jimin is actually pretty hard to draw
1k * spn demons spnedit abaddon bwcaps knights of hell network plaid network thejsnetwork oz network I couldn't help myself she just looked sooooo pretty in this episode so here's another bwcap
my edits mine levi snk shingeki no kyojin rivaille snkgraphic myedits:snk yay i finally got to do a coloring for acwnr he looked soo cute in the last one i couldn't help myself
itachi uchiha sasuke uchiha ooc sasuke itachi naruto 137 [[I COULDN'T HELP MYSELF IT LOOKED SO FUNNY]] [[ mine ]]
kitty cat || so cute! oldstuff I couldn't help myself. I needed to gif this.
in brazilian portuguese you don’t say i love you you say “te pago um salgado” which means endless love and i think that’s beautiful
my gifs myungsoo infinite l gif: Infinite okay i know so many gifs of this scene are out but I couldn't help myself ;A; HE'S GORGEOUS!
Zayn Malik mp can u belieb i'm having a zayn moment i hate using this gif like this for personal religious reasons BUT ZAMN ZADDY HE LOOKED SO GOOD IN THIS PIC
1k ** mine Zooey Deschanel princess zd this is random but she looks so beautiful and i couldn't help myself
The Hunger Games mystuff Catching Fire johannabaeson this is so last year but i couldn't help myself
* *gifs Teen Wolf Tyler Posey tw cast twedit *twc i know this is lq but i couldn't not gif it he just looks so fine in that video yk?? THE HAIR THE LIPS THE BEARD THE MAN also as soon as i get my new credit card i'm buying one of those shirts
1k fav Black and White jyj jaejoong edit:jaejoong vale's edits jyj concert i saw this pic and i was like 'wow rude' is this kid even real? are we sure? he is so fine wtf?!!1 do he got a booty? he dooooo!
mine i'm sorry Teen Wolf au mates stiles stilinski derek hale 117 Sterek teen wolf au established relationship young derek hale teen wolf season 4 story sets deaged!derek fun things happen when you reverse gifs i really couldn't help myself it was too yummy great now i want fanfic
* oops pacific rim mako mori pacific rim edit pacificrimedit predit *mako I make nothing in months and then two gifsets in one day BUT I COULDN'T HELP MYSELF SHE'S SO BEAUTIFUL HERE
1k delena myedit tvd tvdedit THE SMILES delenaedit delena shippers club i feel like i should gif sc but de was so perfect this episode i couldn't help myself AND NEXT WEEK WE ARE GETTING DOMESTIC otp: i always find my way back to you
doctor who matt smith mine David Tennant reaction gif i couldn't help myself dwedit dwmine enjoy :) day of the doctor as soon as i saw part of this scene in the trailer i thought of making this
Bradley James Merlin colin morgan merthur what is context merlinedit scgifs lol i wonder how many followers ill lose for this im so sorry i couldn't help myself
idolm@ster azusa miura i couldn't help myself i just had to make this joke this is actually funny don't let this flop
Harry Styles Niall Horan * narry the quality sucks so bad i'm sorry but i couldn't help myself BUT ALSO STYLAN