• he said yes •
Zayn Malik liam payne * Ziam yes yes yes he said yes excpet not
the walking dead Andrew Lincoln Norman Reedus walking dead stuff leedus yes he said SHE lol
gif One Direction Niall Horan misc yes yes you are he said good tune isn't it at the end but i dont wanna gif that lol
gif David Tennant doctor who edition the weakest link anne robinson what if he said yes I would have died dorktorwho
Zayn Malik mine Zayn manip i haven't listened to the audio yet but i'm sure this is what he said ~~~~ yes ?
how the fuck should isaac survive in france he fucking thought coup de foudre was spanish
gif MY EDIT David Tennant Tenth Doctor 10th doctor oh yes 12k dwedit davidtennant 16k rtdedit tenth doctor edit tenmine fav doctor i just love when he said that OH YES!!!
1k *** skins chris miles jal fazer gen1 skinsedit 2 tired 2 tag erbody
Yes. Harry confirmed on the radio yesterday that he was single. And the guy said "well what about th...
At today's fansigning, a fan gave Sehun a slip of paper asking whether or not he missed Luhan. Sehun...
CR: Micky_Toldey
can sad frog fix this economy?
* skins chris miles nope go on without me i give up whyyyyy not okay at all skins: g1
lady gaga 1k * gifs taylor kinney
1k * ** star wars 2k sw edit swedit hanleia deadhpool userhansolo hanleiaedit yes i realize the last one isnt a nickname but the way he said it was too beautiful
proposal ring mario Peach geeky player one player two
supernatural destiel myart dean cas
She Said Yes
Mumford & Sons  The Wedding Band - EP
She said yes, she said yes She said yes, she said yes Praise the lord, glory ha...