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webcomics magical girls shattered starlight angry magical girls
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I pray that whoever reads this, God heals whatever is hurting you.
photography light tree mine hipster trees alone Grunge night green secrets dark pink mist walk bridge nikon grass fog long exposure bricks late night 35mm photography campus aesthetic uiuc archetecture uofi uofillinois nikontop
Goddess pagan Finnish mielikki
animals tech science materials biologically inspired engineering
1k ** colors group Disneyedit **gifs color: blue **group disney rainbow meme snowydisney I didn't forget about this lol
mine time room MY EDIT indie Grunge acid neon photoshop darkness glow Photo Manipulation pale neon sign aesthetic dark grunge glow blog gecoh
sora kh3 kh iii because donald never heals
anna kristoff mermaid au kristanna lissart im sorry i cannot believe i did all this shit in 2 weeks how!?!? came so close to giving up too but i did ittttttt and now im going to sleep for the next 3 years bye
One Direction Zayn Malik 1D time Zayn Four UAN TMH otra wwa Zayn af
love relationships romance lifestyle heartbreak lavinia
1k MY EDIT type: GIFs 500 twedit c: allison argent c: lydia martin c: erica reyes c: cora hale c: kira yukimura c: braeden c: malia tate c: jennifer blake twladiesnetwork yonceknowles coyotepunks lysaacs ladies set!!!! i tried to get in everyone i wanted to i had strong debates about including melissa or kali bc i love melissa more but kali had better scenes? ultimately though i felt like melissa's strength was that she doesn't fight she heals :) and that's super awesome c: melissa mccall c: kate argent
Black and White edits mangacaps W Tokyo Ghoul Kaneki Ken tgedit haise sasaki Tokyo Ghoul RE mukoros ahhh you said cold colors so i did initially start out with something blue-ish.. but then this happened hahah like snow and road cold in a way anyway ahah aha a
Captain America Marvel black widow bucky barnes my drawings as usual winter soldier Captain America: The Winter Soldier buckynat god i'm so stressed...
cosplay world of warcraft Wrathion Anduin Wrynn bestspudz vashfanatic
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