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1. HORMONES MAKE TEAR PRODUCTION HARDER FOR MEN, EASIER FOR WOMEN. Think men don’t cry as often because they’re “strong” or lack emotion? W...
Trans people DO need access to women’s shelters, to domestic abuse and rape crisis lines, to gynecological exams and mammograms and pap smea...
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Radical Mental Health Zines in PDF
Hi everyone, With the help of soyunacutre, I have created a list of zines about mental health that are available in PDF, please feel free to have a look at them and message me or reblog adding a comment if you want to suggest more. Let’s make this list bigger! :)Please be aware that I haven’t read a...
Not only do you get to choose the date (and change it if necessary) but for $15.00 per month you get to choose any combination of 30 tampons, pads, and panty liners (choose from Ko...
Closer than ever to a polio-free Nigeria
Rachael Hore, GaviToday, Friday 24th July, marks one year without a detected case of wild poliovirus in Nigeria, one of the last remaining polio endemic countries alongside Pakistan and Afghanistan. This represents huge strides for the fight against polio in Nigeria, which reported 122 cases as rece...