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Hay días en los que el corazón se siente triste, roto, solo.
One of the most difficult tasks in life is removing someone from your heart.
And as I grow up, every line of poetry hits me harder.
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He hurt me, I hurt him, and in the end, we asked each other why we were in pain.
I once stalked my boyfriends ex on social media for like 7 months and I was feeding info back to him like “omg she had a baby” and one day I showed him a photo of her with the baby and he was like erm babe that’s not my ex… It turned out I had been stalking some random girl ...
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I hope we run into each other again in 10 years from now. I hope I will finally be able to look at you again without feeling like having my ...
So the USA is trying to starve its poor to death. Not even an exaggeration. The SNAP program is getting some work requirements applied again which are expected to leave up to (or more than) a MILLION people without benefits. Of these people, 97% are at OR BELOW the poverty line. And the only way to ...
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But 5 months later you’ll sit drunk on the kitchen floor, texting him “Hey, I hope you’re doing well. Your shirt is still here. I miss...
And that’s how you know you really love them: you forgive. Even if they didn’t apologize.
Its the hardest thing ever when you have to give up on someone because they’ve given up on you.
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The hardest part about moving on is having to accept the fact you are no longer mine. Frankly, my dear, the thought of you being with someon...
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