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Never trust your tongue when your heart is bitter.
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have you ever considered that we lead ourselves on? we overthink everything; every touch, every look, every text. we create scenarios in our...
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sixpenceee: If someone has a crush on you, do not make them feel shitty about it. Don’t take advantage of their affection either. But most importantly don’t lead them on if you don’t have the right intentions.
You broke every bone in my body and every hope in my heart, but I am the one apologizing.
The only thing we’re good at is breaking each other’s hearts
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I don’t hate you because you left. I hate you because you made me believe that you never would.
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Forgive him for being too young to realize what he had.
I’ve been in love with someone that didn’t love me back, and I’ve been love by someone that I didn’t love back. And I don’t know which is wo...
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I know I have a heart because I feel it breaking.