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"I’m sorry, you didn’t deserve that." "No…I kinda did." He looked at her, puzzled. “I…dont’ think I understand.” "I knew he was hurting me...
You left her there. She gave you everything, and you took your hint of guilt and left behind a goodbye and a broken girl. And maybe it didn...
do not fall in love with a poet we are mean we are vicious we will hurt you do not fall in love with a poet if you break our hearts we w...
He was mine but it didn’t feel like it.
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I haven’t felt okay for a really long time.
One day this won’t hurt anymore.
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I’m not one to hold hands, but baby when you told me you wanted to die, I held your hand so tight that the bones in my wrist molded in...
He treated me like shit, But I still loved him. Yeah, I don’t know my logic.
The drugs aren’t strong enough, I can still remember you.
You don’t miss me. And I’m trying to be okay with that.
and maybe you gave him more love than his heart could hold.
who hurt you so badly that you started to hurt yourself?
you shouldn’t have to break yourself and move your pieces. if he was designed for you he would fit.
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when someone with anxiety asks ‘do you love me?’ ‘are you sure?’ don’t get angry.  we’re trying hard, but sometimes we need reassurance.  we...
once love is made it exists. even without the lovers.
i look for you everywhere, but i don’t know what i’d do if i actually saw you.