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oscar wilde Valentine charlie i limited myself to three wilde puns i feel they are still too many hehe whoops
1k my gifs exo sehun Luhan hunhan hh: lp hk hh: lost planet whoops no one saw that hehe BUT THEY ARE SO ADORABLE WHY they are like children when they play but sooooo ugh when they whisper i mean kissper LOOK AT SEHUN'S FACE AS HE REELS IN FISH!LU
how much do you wanna bet dean’s drinking problem started after sam left for standford
Giving my own characters a hard time Seeing someone else’s characters have a hard time
Illustrations seamus gallagher whoops
what’s the difference between a tea bag and the English football team??
edit hehe
If I was a celebrity I would go knocking on doors and be like hello yes it’s me
Ou você morre como herói, ou vive o bastante para se tornar um vilão.
animals hehe
liam payne ^ hehe :)
fat cookies hehe hamster
gifsusdg hehe :)
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