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so apparently there are Hobbit valentines and i was looking through some of the sample pictures and i think i was just friendzoned by the entire line of durin
Heir of Doom: 'He can bend the rules.. and he's got just a few cheat codes for you'
Mituna is a Cassandra parallel, and her prophesies - of the fall of Troy, of Agamemnon’s death, of her own death - were not believed. Mituna died. But he wasn’t alone.  Kurloz kissed him or carried him to his Quest Bed.  I don’t know what happened; maybe Kurloz took too long, a...
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* spoilers the hobbit fili thorin oakenshield Hobbit Spoilers Durin family Desolation of Smaug the hobbit: desolation of smaug dos spoilers no but i loved this part because we finally get acknowledgment of 1. that fili and kili are his nephews 2. that fili is the heir to the throne and just family all around best scene of 2013
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mygif ??? demons myspn crossroads demon spn ladies spnedit crossroad demons can i make a challenge to gif all of the lady demons with their demon eyes that\\\'s the only reason i made this because of the eyes ladies of the crossroads
it was exactly two years ago today that john and dave last spoke in canon
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