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That Peggy CarterTHE PEGGY CARTERfell in love with a fUCKIN NAZI?Margaret Elizabeth Carter. Fell in love. With a secret Nazi.And not just fell in love, but carried a torch for the rest of her goddamn life, continuing to fight the good fight he inspired her to? You’re tryna tell me that Peggy Carter,...
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Blue sitting in the middle of the dinner table like:
Our culture has celebrities in place of myths, and we have grief twitter instead of byzantine lore about the journey to the underworld and the proper ways of burial. When celebrities die and we mourn them in a massively public way, this is a safe way to practice mourning for our parents and our ...
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myedits hayley atwell peggy carter *k agent carter agentcarteredit hayleyatwelledit 6pix 6pixchar so i'm doing this series for characters now i have a sherlock one coming up for a request if there's any particular character you want from stuff i usually post feel free to request
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