• hell week •
Once again, dear technical theater side of Tumblr, it appears we are all in tech week at the same time.Stay strong, stay safe, stay healthy.
things that make me cry: math people   actually basically everything idk why I started making a list
gif pizza week
four of the Newsies boys managed to juggle their senior year while performing on one of the most physically demanding musicals on Broadway eight times a week and still graduate on time what the hell is my excuse
edits the dark knight a lot of feels tonight you guys this week is gonna be such hell
I’m gonna wing it
You’re not a real music major until you’ve eaten, slept, cried, and bled in a practice room
dog college crying finals studying exams university What the hell Stressed i dont know what im doing Finals Week final exams studying for finals
my gif Vancouver Canucks or something kevin bieksa ryan kesler Roberto Luongo john tortorella sorry this took ages just one more week of work hell and then i'm FREE FREE LIKE TORTS WANTS TO BE
1k Thor never *gif but anyway Thoredit thor week entry: scenes fucking hell this took ages to do i have a fucking report to work on fucking fuck never again but then again i actually do like doing these i did one for trek and that was it
Aomine Daiki knb minori's junk holy cow how the hell did this even get to 5k?!?!?!?!
photography sky blue clouds myposts i took these when i went to visit my old house damn right i miss it like hell ;; and the new couple are going to move into it in a week it's seriously the most beautiful place this was on queue too lol i just published it right now oops i think i took these like about a week ago haha
MY EDIT no.6 No. 6 nezushi No.6 week shhhh its still the 8th here so im not that late
mine ace one piece luffy ASL sabo portgas d. ace Monkey D. Luffy Monkey D. Garp asl brothers dadan opgraphics a week without regrets
mine *gif got asoiaf Sansa Stark so here it is gotedit gotsansastark gotcatelynstark gameofthronesdaily i made this for sansa week but i didn't finish it in time some sansa happiness/sads is it just me or does this look weird as hell
anime otp summer myart save me haikyuu oikawa tooru iwaizumi hajime IwaOi OiIwa bless these two Oikawa x Iwaizumi iwaoi week iwaoi hell
welcome to night vale carlos the scientist puppet blogging cecil palmer aka that week i went on an absolute knitting frenzy i spoil these two rotten i am the absolute worst REMIND ME TO TAKE A PICTURE OF CECIL'S SWEATER CUZ I WENT THROUGH HELL TO PUT THAT ON HIS BODY
gifs hell yea Mac and Me hell yea hell yea hell yea hell fuckin yea