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Cutting to the chase I am doing a project for my art class that requires me to do a piece that is 60ftx1ft long. 60 feet is a HUGE size. Long story short, I need your URLs, and if you reblog/like this post I will write your URL down on my piece. I NEED 60 FEET OF URLS AND I HAVE SMALL HANDWRITING. P...
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Hey Guys. So normally I wouldn’t be coming here for help. But at this point, I’mĀ DESPERATE. Since I was little I have been verbally abused by my mom’s husband. Back then it was enough for me to handle. But for the past month, it’s escalated in severity. I’ve been threat...
Please help.
Okay Tumblr, here is the deal, I need your help. All of your help. My mom works for Chrysalis, a nonprofit domestic violence shelter in Phoenix, Arizona. I cannot praise Chrysalis enough, honestly. It’s the only domestic violence shelter in the valley that caters to all victims - women and men...
TUTORIALS: 01. HOW TO: Reblog Yourself 02. HOW TO: Change An Image’s Opacity 03. HOW TO: Create A Drop In Recommend Box 04. HOW TO: Enable Your Ask Box 05. HOW TO: Use A Favicon 06. HOW TO: Reblog A Link 07. HOW TO: Create Block Navigation 08. HOW TO: Get A Fixed Header 09. HOW TO: Get...
Someone help me.
My mom is kicking me out of the house because I believe in gay marriage, and I have nowhere to go. If anyone lives in the Baton Rouge (Louisiana) area, I would really appreciate a place to stay for a while. Even if you don’t, please reblog this in case one of your followers lives close to me. ...
Equius failed to protect Nepeta again. Eridan killed Feferi again. I’M JUST Someone please kiLL ME NOW IT HURTS SO FUCKING MUCH
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Metric | “Help I’m Alive”"Help, I'm aliveMy heart keeps beatin...
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Character Help MBTI Personality Test MBTI Personality Descriptions 123 Character Flaws Character Trait Cheat Sheet List of Personality Traits Character Virtues And Vices Underused Personalities 7 Rules For Picking Names Character Names Character Name Resources Surnames Masterpost Types of Voice Show...
Help! The Los Angeles Science Fair is being cancelled just three weeks before the event due to insufficient funding. Over 4,000 students have been working diligently since July to compete in this science fair. They are not able to compete in any other counties and will not be able to compete region...
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Everyone... please. I need help.
First off, here’s the backstory of the situation I’m in:http://cutie-potoo-ty.tumblr.com/post/24932507365/so-heres-the-tale-the-sad-story-of-woe-of-why-imĀ  Second, here’s the missive I’m going to leave for my parents:http://cutie-potoo-ty.tumblr.com/post/25018036050/one-o...