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* henry cavill anthony mackie cavilledit marvelcastedit dccastedit i don't know if this will get notes or not but i thought it was funny
gif 1k criminal minds aaron hotchner my god spencer reid jennifer jareau penelope garcia emily prentiss derek morgan david rossi haley hotchner 500plus channy Henry LaMontagne alex blake Maeve Donovan criminalmindsedit Will LaMontagne cmteamedit i've finally finished this set after months there were so many clips i wanted to use i really had to narrow it down i tried to add as many people as possible but alas i used what i thought of first tbh
mine Amy Adams jesse eisenberg henry cavill gal gadot Ben Affleck Diane Lane hcavilledit dccastedit dceuedit affleckedit that conan interview was a sex fest
my gifs batman jesse eisenberg Superman lex luthor henry cavill zack snyder Ben Affleck bvs batman v superman: dawn of justice
gif film batman TV Superman wonder woman Aquaman Supergirl dc comics jason momoa Green Lantern The Flash arrow justice league henry cavill Black Canary martian manhunter Hawkgirl gal gadot Ben Affleck justice league unlimited dcedit Batman v superman Dawn of Justice DCTV legends of tomorrow dceu justiceleagueedit
henry doodles fire emblem awakening
  • Bruce:This year I lost my BFF Superman. He was the best. We both had moms named Martha, and liked to wear capes--
  • Clark:(from inside the coffin) QUIT TELLING EVERYONE I'M DEAD!
  • Bruce:*wipes away tear* Sometimes I still hear his beautiful, beautiful voice.
gif henry cavill henricavyll hcavilledit sjdhfdk so cute with glasses
gif 10k henry cavill henricavyll hcavilledit
batman MY EDIT dc films Superman wonder woman bruce wayne clark kent henry cavill diana gal gadot Ben Affleck The Big Three Batman v superman batman v superman: dawn of justice dceu
:) mine Swan Queen manip gifset ouat Emma Swan Regina Mills Henry Mills swanqueenedit swan mills family yes the images in the book move they got harry potter technology
Scar tissue is stronger than regular tissue. Realize the strength, move on.
When everything seems to be going against you, remember that the airplane takes off against the wind, not with it.
Black and White 9 box as wildflowers springtime mt. rainier hand colored Lantern slide OHS Film and Photo Frank Branch Riley Indian Henry place to visit someday
henry cavill aka my British boyfriend So Thick..
* gifs cast henry cavill Ben Affleck hcavilledit benaffleckedit dccastedit by joan
mystuff ouat Emma Swan neal cassidy ouatedit swanfire grootmorning this is total bs though HENRY was his unfinished business?? they even referenced it in the episode!
mygif Regina Mills Henry Mills ouat spoilers ouatedit reginamillsedit
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