• here just take it •
RoosterTeeth ray narvaez jr achivement hunter i'm sorry just here take it look at this babe
art homestuck idk davekat
aradia megido sobs doodle tag haha idk ive been doodlin around with this on and off for a whILE so im just done with it here tAKE IT FROM MY HANDS and her huge effing hair that broke my wrist also i hate picking type faces can i just take a typography class already LOL hashtag noob life
mine *1k gravity falls gravityfalls *5k gfedit *2k *3k *4k gfalls I dont know how I feel about this gifset but it took me forever and I'm sick of looking at it so here just take it
doctor who eleventh doctor spoilers dw spoilers dwspoilers dwedit clara oswald whouffle dwe twelfth doctor this parallel was just killing me like here is my heart just take it why don't you
* sherlock london ! Graphic sometimes i make things asandalinbelgravia i drew this for blanka before but never got to post it since it's her birthday yay here HAPPY BIRTHDAY BLANKA one day i will take a picture of this view instead of just drawing it
Kerry Washington olivia pope scandal abc and shouldve tbh mellie deserves a nice reading from olivia olivia was not here for it at all and i am here for her not having it i shouldve gif'd mellie's face too tbh she looked a bit scared like oop just crossed the line let me take 3 steps back to this side
homestuck Dave Strider karkat vantas aaa davekat Ryu's Art SCREECHES I'm sorry i know i said id stream the rest of the color i just couldnt help it i had to finish it im sorry
Harry Styles One Direction mine sexy can i *cries* take me home tour here pls take mine i just love u so much
Harry TMH
Harry Styles  Take Me Home
Harry Styles in Take Me Home (+Bonus Tracks)
?? my doodles levi snk long post shingeki no kyojin AOT attack on titan here goes blood // levihan not really but just in case hanji hange gore // drawn while listening to Take It With Me by Tom Waits ain't no good thing ever dies I'm gonna take it with me when I go I'm never drawing a tree again ok I hope tumblr doesn't frick this up now
Everyone evolves at their own pace
Don’t stress yourself out trying to keep up with other people’s success. You’ll get there in due time.
doctor who mine Billie Piper Rose Tyler :( Christopher Eccleston nine Queen angel so bright it hurts BABY GIRL just look at her YOUR FAVE COULD NEVER dwedit I MISS HER SO MUCH dredit rtdedit can we just take a moment to appreciate my rose aka the best character ever i wonder how people can talk bullshit about rose so human and so ordinary so much development I wish I could put like 50 gifs here
I Love You
There were dragons when I was a boy.
homestuck Jade Harley eridan ampora homestuck art erifef fanfart OKAY this idea just kind of popped into my head and just sat there it doesnt really make any sense but ??? and i thought of about 5 other endings but i finally just gave up so here take this POS on the bright side i made a really cute eridan base and got to experiment with cartoony styles so yaaaaaaaaay
Demi Lovato motivation inspiration MTV secret anti-bullying stop bullying mean stinks Blue pinky blue pinkie challenge blue pinkies
blood yay team fortress 2 tf2 my comics tf2 scout tf2 medic team fortress two it might take a second it's funny trust me just say it out loud or maybe it's obvious and I'm an idiot anyways first tf2 comic swears? implied heavy/medic?
mygifs mine wtf notes rise of the brave tangled dragons rotbtd bigfourau jarida jarida shippers sorry ive been holding out on you but idk i dont have many ideas cause its not my otp??? i thought this might be cute though here just take it