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Let's Talk About: Creating Villains
A villain (also known in film and literature as the “antagonist,” “baddie”, “bad guy”, “heavy” or “black hat”) is an “evil” character in a story, whether a historical narrative or, especially, a work of fiction. The villain usua...
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  • Aries:Black Widow / She's an expert spy, athlete, and assassin. She was formerly an enemy to the Avengers. She later became their ally.
  • Taurus:Doctor Doom / Master of science and sorcery, arrogant and lusting for power. He believes himself to be the smartest in the world.
  • Gemini:Loki / God of lies and mischief, the troublemaker. Both heroes and villains trust him enough to make deals with him, he's that good.
  • Cancer:Hulk / A misunderstood hero, the angrier he is, the stronger the he gets.
  • Leo:Thor / people see him as an imbecile, but he's quite smart and compassionate. He's self-assured, and he would never stop fighting for a worthwhile cause.
  • Virgo:Spider-man / He's an accomplished scientist, inventor and photographer, with great power comes great responsibility, and he vowed to use his powers to help people.
  • Libra:The Enchantress / A skilled trickster and sorceress, won’t rest until she possesses everything she desires.
  • Scorpio:Mystique / An enigma. She can be a mutant terrorist determined to bring about the end of humanity, or a misguided mutant with a good heart.
  • ...
villains who switch sides due to personal convictions and not because they fell in love with a hero villains who fall in love with a hero but refuse to switch sides due to personal convictions villains who have feelings for heroes but aren’t willing to just ditch their life and everything th...
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