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Protagonists: Writing About Heroes
Every story has a hero, and the hero of the story can often change depending on the narrator’s point of view. The trick is to create an interesting hero that your reader can root for without boring your reader to death. So here are some tips for doing that 1. Create an interesting backstory. W...
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Me estan dejando de importar muchas cosas, y me parece perfecto
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  • Frank:Fitness. Shirtless mirror selfies. Food but without any filters.
  • Piper:Pretty food with filters. Occasional selfie. 25K followers. Instagram popular.
  • Hazel:Lots of photos with her horse. Just her horse. Lots of animals.
  • Percy:Instagram famous. Weirdly cute selfies. Lots of funny videos.
  • Annabeth:Rarely posts. Occasionally embarrassing photos of Percy and Piper. Lots of books and sometimes films.
  • Jason:King of the mirror selfie especially when you kind of see his face but it's not especially clear. Instagram popular. Less followers than Percy but averages more likes per photo. Posts lots of Nico di angelo on #mancrushmonday. Participant in daily hashtags.
  • Leo:Selfies. Selfies on selfies on selfies. Selfies at the garage. Selfies at the forge. Selfies at the dentist office. Selfies in the bathroom. Mirror selfies. Selfies in the car. Won the selfie Olympics. Selfies.
  • Nico:Rarely posts. Internet memes and weird bands. Fuzzy attempts to get a bad picture of Jason.
  • ...
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Thank you all so much for all the love! I have been reading through everything that I can and it’s seriously touching to see this support spilling out from our community. This is the goodness that I was talking about and that I always knew was there. I never doubted you all for a second and I ...