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arthur kirkland being accused of witchcraft and getting burnt at the stake
  • 1:What got you into Hetalia?
  • 2:What month and year did you first start watching it?
  • 3:Who is your favourite character currently?
  • 4:If you could have one ship become canon, what pairing would it be?
  • 5:Do you like Hetalia yaoi?
  • 6:How has Hetalia affected history for you?
  • 7:What do you prefer and why: Axis or Allies?
  • 8:Hetalia OTP?
  • ...
Hetalia Reactions To "SLENDER"
Italy: Japan: Germany: America: England: France: China: Russia: Prussia: Spain: Romano:
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So my dad says if this post gets 100,000 notes he’ll get me a cosplay He doesn’t think it will happen and I really want to prove him wrong. My dad also thinks it’s just a stupid phase and that I’ll get over it soon. Help this get 100k notes maybe? Thank you in advance~ EDI...
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i just had to hetalia APH aph england I saw this gif
The Hetalia fandom every Thursday
20 Things You Should Expect At Every Hetalia Meet-Up:
1. About seven Prussia cosplayers fighting over who is, ‘The most Awesome’ and/or causing problems. 2. One Germany cosplayer, (male or female. Never more than two Germanys). 3. Five Italy cosplayers fighting for the attention of the lone Germany. 4. At least one Russia cosplayer witho...
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