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for when the burnout is real and all you really wanna do is lie in bed and watch things but you gotta at least try to study. these are mostly channels i’ve watched and subscribed to! (updated 17/12/2015)sciencesveritasiumit’s okay to be smartpbs space timecrash course: astronomycrash course: ecology...
Forgive yourself
So you wanted to start the semester new but failed. So you ended up procrastinating from day three of 2016. So you watched 5 episodes of a show instead of your homework due tomorrow. So you got off track and off the motivational high that 2016 began with and felt completely off and awful. So what? T...
* gif* legally blonde elle woods heysareena look @ my main inspiration hope you guys dont mind me tagging u! uwu stdyblring hayley-studies
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