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All I Want For Christmas
BOM&HI  All I Want For Christmas [Digital Single]
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spoilers Haru hal sengif hal movie haru movie hal spoilers I BAWLED LIKE A CHILD SCREW THIS MOVIE MADDY OUT
Charlie Hunnam wakes up. He is not alone. A vision stands outlined against the morning sun, and he knows, with sudden clarity: it is the sweater-clad guardian angel of perfectly conceived, sensitive, respectful male characters.  'I'm not angry,' Raleigh Becket says, very softly. 'I'm just disappoint...
Perhaps we’ll find each other later, when we aren’t two kids scrambling to find a home. Maybe we’ll intersect again, wi...
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  • Life:*happens*
  • Me:hey remember that time this happened in a Friends episode
taylor swift performance ts Maddy tswiftedit 1989 Tour your fave is problematic: this video -impossible to colour -person filming was having an epileptic seizure
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my edits scenery it makes me so happy snk anime scenery AOT this is the post i want to be remembered for snk scenery snk anime you know I really have a thing for those clouds it's ages I wanted to do that I could keep on editing clouds like that endlessly as a tender visual soul blessed with happiness oh hi bertl what brings you there
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my gifs psych Shawn Spencer henry spencer psychusa psychedit psychmoments Maddie Spencer (it's maddie right or is it maddy idk) sO LET ME TELL YOU SOME THINGS ABOUT THIS shawn's been mad at his dad since he was 18 not to mention he didn't really like all the 'training' his dad did on him when he was a kid and then his mom comes into town and it's all a surprise right hE DIDN'T EVEN KNOW SHE WAS COMING and she drops this bomb on him after all that time he's never been able to forgive his dad for leaving but it turns out his mom was the one who left and shawn???? forgives her right then and there and altho there's still some distance between shawn and henry this is most definitely a defining point in their relationship there's a lot of character development in this show and shawn and henry's relationship is a major contribution to that (aLSO BTW this moment iS A LOT LONGER it couldn't be fit into gifs but man i got tears watching it again) (aND I DIDN'T EVEN MENTION HENRY COMING IN TO SEE MADDIE AND HE'S MAKING SURE HE LOOKS GOOD TOO LIKE AJFKL;JLVS maddie/henry otp) and james' acting bye
gif disney anastasia 20th century fox My art crossover fan art Korra the legend of korra screen cap :* lok manipulation mako we'll see makorra whew makorra2.0 and bye kaiayame i might revisit this project later but here it is for now does anyone even read this far into the tags? well if you do... hi
NEW VIDEO: “Ruthless in the Womb” - as always, I...
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