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Hillary Clinton on Being Asked about Her Clothes
Interviewer: Okay. Which designers do you prefer?  Hillary Clinton: What designers of clothes?  Interviewer: Yes.  Hillary Clinton: Would you ever ask a man that question?  Interviewer: Probably not. Probably not. [Via UniteWomen.org; State.gov]
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throwback to that one time I was working as a camera operator in a music festival and I had 2 minutes to run across a field to the perfect location that would allow me to film the whole fireworks show and I was running backstage while holding a camera and I had two slow ass old people in front of me...
It’s always surprising to me how many young women think they have to be perfect. I rarely meet a young man who doesn’t think he already is.
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  • Why I'm not voting for Hillary:Because I can't trust someone who responds to Americans being killed in Benghazi with "What difference does it make?"
  • Why I'm not voting for Hillary:Her inability of following proper email disclosure protocol, leaving potentially sensitive communications vulnerable on an unsecure server, and being unable to manage two email accounts.
  • Why I'm not voting for Hillary:She uses convenience as her reasoning for not abiding by the law, then covers her mistakes.
  • Why I'm not voting for Hillary:I want no one named Bush or Clinton anywhere near our national politics for at least 2 generations.
  • Why I'm not voting for Hillary:The USA is NOT a Monarchy. She nor anyone else is entitled just because of their name.
  • Why I'm not voting for Hillary:How in touch is she? She's been driven around by the secret service and has been a product of the government for 18 years.
  • Why I'm not voting for Hillary:Didn't we have enough drama from the Clintons in the 90's?
  • Why I'm not voting for Hillary:Women are not a special interest group or a pre-existing condition, we are the majority of the US population. It is insulting that you refer to a select number of issues as women’s issues. ALL issues are women issues.
  • ...
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Hillary Clinton for President
This is going to disappoint some of my friends, and maybe that’s why I’ve been quiet about this until now. Also, who cares what I think? But here is what I think: Hillary Clinton for President. I think Sen. Bernie Sanders has been an inspiring, provocative, necessary, and admirable public servant fo...
In American politics, because of the two-party system, you have to choose between the lesser of two evils. Has Secretary Clinton done some really shitty stuff? Yes. As President, will she continue to do some really shitty stuff that you disagree with sometimes? Yes. But not voting for her because o...
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Hillary Clinton is a qualified war criminal and is fit to lead this country like the great many war criminals that preceded her.
Whenever Hillary Clinton opens her mouth.  
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