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Somebody stop me please.
  • Girl:You think I can hold drink because I am Russian? That is stereotype.
  • Guy:Oh, sorry. I didnt mean to offend you. But can you?
  • Girl:Of course I can, Im Russian.
Before you throw a hissy fit about the dinosaurs in Jurassic World not being accurate because they d...
The dinosaurs look the way they do because in the first movie, they said that the scientists used frog DNA to fill in the missing genetic code from the blood they found in the amber.The character who is supposed to be a world renowned paleontologist actually said that the dinosaurs in Jurassic Park ...
louis tomlinson Harry Styles One Direction Zayn Malik liam payne Niall Horan * mh hahahaHAHAHAHAH DUMBEST IDIOT psa the second one took me an hour to make bc the coLORS WOULDN'T WORK BC TOO BRIGHT FOR TUMBLR so i had a fit a hiSSY FIT all over twitter yeah that's it tho bye
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