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the hobbit *mine richard armitage Thorin hobbitedit *hobbitedit
1k *mine galadriel lotredit hobbitedit *lotredit *hobbitedit oflothlorien happy blog anniversary evy
* the hobbit kili thorin oakenshield aidan turner richard armitage hobbitedit *thorin *hobbitedit
1k the hobbit martin freeman *mine Bilbo hobbitedit don't laugh *hobbitedit effort was made
1k the hobbit *mine gif warning hobbitedit *hobbitedit
1k the hobbit *mine dos Bilbo hobbitedit Desolation of Smaug *hobbitedit
1k MY EDIT the hobbit gandalf Bilbo hobbitedit tolkienedit *hobbitedit
1k the hobbit martin freeman *mine Bilbo hobbitedit *hobbitedit the horizon is clear no dwarves
1k MY EDIT the hobbit pretty happy with how this turned out auj hobbitedit tolkienedit *hobbitedit
mine the hobbit hobbitedit
1k the hobbit *mine Smaug Thorin hobbitedit Desolation of Smaug *hobbitedit that's what i always hear in my head and he really looks like he's saying it
the hobbit LOTR 5k *mine lotredit Happy Things hobbitedit *lotredit *hobbitedit couldn't think of another caption
MY EDIT the hobbit Thorin bagginshield auj hobbitedit tolkienedit *hobbitedit thorinedit botfa spoilers botfaspoilers i dont know if these are popular anymore but i dont give a fuck
* the hobbit ian mckellen lotr cast the hobbit cast hobbitedit *hobbitedit dos ee
1k MY EDIT the hobbit legolas dos Thranduil hobbitedit dad jokes *hobbitedit i'm just recycling old jokes now tbh
1k my gifs *mine fili kili aidan turner dean o'gorman hobbitedit *hobbitedit fili (plus kili) for fili friday
1k the hobbit LOTR *mine lotredit hobbitedit *lotredit *hobbitedit just saw a mistake in my tags like 800 years later wow lol
1k the hobbit LOTR *mine lotredit hobbitedit *lotredit *hobbitedit i will re-make this one day when i find more suitable scene with eowyn
* the hobbit orlando bloom legolas Lee Pace dos Thranduil hobbitedit long post for ts *hobbitedit