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You know that feeling, when you're reading a book, and there's a line in it so awesome you re-read i...
Isn’t that the best and most frustrating feelig ever?
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The only thing I hate about reading is I get so attached to the characters. And after I finish the book, that’s it. I will never learn anymore about them or their life or what they ate for breakfast. No matter how many times I reread the book, I will always only know the same amount. And it sa...
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  • Tiana:Where are you from?
  • me:I'm from Mississippi, so I'm not that far from where you're from actually! I was just in New Orleans the other day.
  • Tiana:You were? Have you ever stopped by the restaurant?
  • me:Sadly, no, I haven't found yet. Whereabouts do I go to get there?
  • Tiana:Well. You just hop in a cab and say 'Take me to Tiana's place' and if they don't know where that is...just jump out and get in another one cuz you ain't got time for none of that nonsense!
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