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Finally! It’s Christmas Month Eve. The day before the 61 day super month designed to celebrate the birth of Santa Claus.
Homestuck Holidays
So, my friend was like “If there’s Valentine’s Day for Matesprits, then there should be three other holidays for the other quadrants.” Here’s the proposed plan: Febuary 14 (Matespritstag) Celebrated as Valentine’s Day, with Matesprits acting like Matesprits. May 1...
When you say “Happy Holidays” instead of “Merry Christmas” to a white family
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"omg thank you so much i didnt expect you’d give me a gift this Christmas!"
  • Snowy Cabin:Your muse is snowed into a cabin with one other person. And oh no! It's for at least a week. Use this time wisely, because you might never have another chance with that lucky fellow/lady.
  • A Christmas Miracle:What is that? Is that two pink lines? Yes it is! You have found out a few days before Christmas that you are now carrying a baby. The next person on your muse's dash is the father of that miracle baby. Good luck.
  • Candy Land:Your muse has ended up in another world. There are lollipops and chocolates. Not to mention most of the people around you seem to live in gingerbread houses. The only way out? Is to find your one true love. How that happens is up to you.
  • Christmas Ornament:It's time to decorate the house and bake some cookies! Your muse is suddenly in a festive mood and wants everyone else around them to be in one as well. Whether it's putting up a tree or watching reruns of Christmas movies.
  • Mistletoe:Oh no! Not that dreadful thing. Kiss the next person on your dash to reverse the curse.
  • Frozen Memories:On the way home from a New Years Eve party, your muse gets into an accident and wakes up in the hospital without a trace of memories of who they are. For two days, your muse scrambles to find their memories and the strangers in them.
  • Jack Frost:Oh dear! Your muse was bitten by a frost fairy on their way home. Now stuck as a pint size creature with wings and suddenly cold as ice as you only have a week to find the cure before the curse becomes permanent by the last day at dusk.
  • Starlight Romance:It's time for your muse to brush up on their manners. It's time for the New Years Ball and your muse is desperate for a date before the time runs out. Whether it leads to something more is entirely up to you.
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How to flip someone off in a festive way: Happy Holidays
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Sometimes I think about future holidays, and when I do, you’re always there with me. Cuddled up on the couch, legs intertwined in mine...
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Elf Will Ferrell holidays!
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